TMoRP Day 6 – Rock Candy Mountain

Rock Candy Mountain is a comic written and drawn by the inestimable Kyle Starks, published by Image Comics.

Rock Candy Mountain is a mythic adventure of American gentlemen of the road, riding the rails one step ahead of the police, the FBI, railroad security and the actual Devil himself. (Not a spoiler – that dude shows up the first panel).

Fabled hobo Jackson takes Hollywood greenhorn Pomona Slim under his wing on his epic quest for the titular legendary mountain, showing him America’s post-WWII underground of bare-knuckle fighting, corrupt prisons, and railroad royalty.

I mentioned the Devil, right? He’s in it too.

And then there’s the hobo talk:

Rock Candy Mountain is funny as hell, but also tragic, violent and oddly touching. Volume One ends with a horrible moral dilemma for one character. I can’t wait to read the second (and final) volume.

Starks has also done graphic novels in the style of 80’s and 90’s action movies called Sexcastle and Kill Them All respectively, so, you know, highly recommended.


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