TMoRP Day 5 – Spring Rain

It’s a rainy day here in Canberra. I woke up to the steady hum of rain on the paving stones of the courtyard outside my window. Outside, the ubiquitous Canberra pittosporum hedges are wilting, heavy with rain. When the sun comes back, tomorrow or the next day, they’ll spring back up straight, probably with a few extra centimeters in height.

Most of the spring bulbs and wildflowers are past their best by this time of the season, but a burst of fresh rain will bring them back for a few days. Then the mid-November heat will kick in and we’ll all be hoping for the next stormy drenching just to break the back of the days and nights of baking dry heat.

Right now, though? It’s raining in Canberra, and all is right with the world, even on a Monday morning.

(Or it will be once I pop an anti-histamine tablet, because man, the air here makes my eyes itch).

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