I write short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. I tend to lean more towards fantasy but in practice my work strays all over the map: urban fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, secondary world adventure, steampunk, cyberpunk, superhero, space opera, magic realism, alternate history… The list goes on.

I am influenced by the quirky corners of history, the parts of science that don’t involve serious mathematics, and a lifetime’s voracious consumption of Doctor Who, superhero comics, tabletop role-playing games and many libraries’ worth of fiction. My public service career shows up from time to time and I’ve also been known to slip in the odd joke.

I have been a published author since 2013. (Upcoming publications).

Published short fiction

“Imported Goods – Aisle Nine” (April 2013)
– published in Next, edited by Simon Petrie and Robert Porteous (CSFG Publishing)

“Incidental” (February 2016)
– published online at EGM Shorts, edited by Jennifer Brozek (Evil Girlfriend Media)

“The Lighthouse at Cape Defeat” (April 2016)
– published in Aurealis #89, edited by Dirk Strasser (Chimaera Publications)
– finalist for Best Fantasy Short Story in the 2016 Aurealis Awards

“Seven Excerpts from Season One” (June 2016)
– published in At the Edge, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray (Paper Road Press)

“Mnemo’s Memory” (January 2017)
– published in The Worlds of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Volume 2, edited by Robert N Stephenson (Altair Australia)

“Burn the Future” (December 2017)
– published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine 69, edited by Tom Dullemond (Andromeda Spaceways)

“A Fire Across the World” (August 2018)
– published in OnSpec Magazine #108 (Volume 29, No 1), edited by Diane L. Walton (The Copper Pig Writers’ Society)

“A Moment’s Peace” (October 2018)
– published in A Hand of Knaves, edited by Chris Large and Leife Shallcross (CSFG Publishing)


“The Nature of Monkey” (October 2016)
Second place: 2016 CSFG/Conflux short story contest
– published in the Conflux 12 Convention Magazine

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