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Final Fridays

I’m not one for resolutions around the start of a new year. Commitments made while basking in the glow of holidays and indulgence are neither credible nor binding, if past experience is anything to go by. Life’s starting to catch … Continue reading

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Slump and Recovery

I know that sounds like the world’s worst superhero team-up – He’s a washed-up private eye who can only see the darkest future timelines! She’s a hyper-efficient android with a million projects! Together they fight crime! – but it’s pretty … Continue reading

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A statement from the management

Yeah, I’m not dead, just resting. Ineffectually. I’ve had “Update the blog” on my to-do list pretty much every week since the last post in (checks notes, faints in embarrassment)  August last year. And every week I’ve not gotten around … Continue reading

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This morning I am enjoying the so-far-nonexistent after-effects of my first COVID-19 vaccination jab, and the last few days of my holidays. For one reason or the other, or because of the double-shot espresso I just knocked back, I’m feeling … Continue reading

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We all know that you can’t be considered a real writer unless you have a cute pet, and a willingness to share pictures of said cute pet on social media. All right then. Never let it be said I’m above … Continue reading

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