TMoRP Day 7 – Sin Du Jour

I’ve been evangelising Matt Wallace’s Sin Du Jour series, short novels about a catering company that deals with supernatural clients, for a while now. So with the release this week of the penultimate episode in the seven-book series, it seems like a good time to give them yet another recommendation.

The books combine action-movie heroics, supernatural horror, office drama and food porn into short but sumptuous feasts. The titular Sin Du Jour is a catering company, headed by retired celebrity chef Bronko Luck, whose chief clients include supernatural monstrosities like demons, fairies and Hollywood producers. As a reader you come for the frequently hilarious comedy and over-the-top action, but you stay for the dramatic personal lives of the deeply weird and entertaining ensemble cast.

The sixth book in the series is Gluttony Bay, with the finale to come out next year, but I recommend going back to the first book: Envy of Angels.

Oh, and I almost forgot – to celebrate the release of his book, the author posted an interpretive dance video which is, I think, a woefully underexplored book marketing technique. Check it out! Sweet moves!

I know I’m getting further behind on this so-called daily blogging project, but I will catch up eventually! I’ve been smashed by deadline this week – some of which is good news I hope I can share soon. But in the meantime, onward to tomorrow’s #Fridayflashfiction entry…
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