Notification of imminent free stuff

Tonight I’m putting the finishing touches to the latest installment of my serial fantasy adventure Orphans’ Moon.

(Yes I’m procrastinating. Not the point!)

Orphans’ is my exclusive story for subscribers to my newsletter mailing list. All too aware that occasional updates on my writing life do not guarantee the most exciting reading experience, I decided to sweeten the pot with a bit of free fiction.

What you can expect from Orphans’: plucky teenage orphans (goes without saying) stuck in a rambling manor house, odd magical happenings and some very poor examples of childcare professionals. And everyone is terribly afraid of the Moon, for some reason.

Does that sound a bit grim? Don’t worry – the emphasis here is definitely on adventurous fun and larkish heroics. But before Carrie Thirteen and the other kids can find their place in the world, we need to see what they’re running from. (Hint: it’s not just a crappy orphanage)

I mention all this as an encouragement to sign up for the newsletter in the next few days to catch the next episode. Just fill in the form below.

Current music: Dull Life by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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