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Friday Flash Fiction – The Turn of the Tide

The moon’s silver ripples and shatters into a thousand glints in the wake of the lone fisherman crossing the mud flat. Its dim dappling is the only light in the long dark before the dawn. The muddy shallows settle, erasing … Continue reading

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New story exclusive!

Just a quick reminder to anyone not already signed up to my newsletter that I include free fiction with every issue. (Episode? Item? Whatever.) The next newsletter will go out in the next day or so. To entice new readers, … Continue reading

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My Life with Newsletters

When I was in primary school, one of my mates – I want to say his name was Scott, but I think I’m misremembering – had a newsletter. As best I can recall, it being a very long time ago, … Continue reading

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Grasping the nettle

I’ve been thinking about opportunity. Like probably every other human activity, getting ahead in the writing game is about two things – putting in the work whenever you can and seizing opportunities whenever they arise. (The Rio Olympic Games are … Continue reading

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Notification of imminent free stuff

Tonight I’m putting the finishing touches to the latest installment of my serial fantasy adventure Orphans’ Moon. (Yes I’m procrastinating. Not the point!) Orphans’ is my exclusive story for subscribers to my newsletter mailing list. All too aware that occasional … Continue reading

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