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Story – A Fire Across the World in On Spec 108

“A Fire Across the World”¬† is my short story of Great Game-era spies, mad scientists¬†and supernatural reincarnation, now available in On Spec 108 (Volume 29, Issue 1), the Canadian magazine of the fantastic. This is probably most most-edited story ever, … Continue reading

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Lessons from a writing holiday

I’ve just indulged in a rare pleasure. I took a week off work to concentrate on my writing. A whole week. I can still scarcely believe it. What a luxury! What a perfect holiday! I accomplished so much in the … Continue reading

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The Longhand Experiment

Writing is hard, per my frequent reprise. Sometimes it helps to mix up the process. I do most of my writing on the desktop PC in my study. Picture me there with headphones blocking out everything but a playlist of … Continue reading

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The Slow Burn

Going from “aspiring writer” to “published author” can be a bit of a crawl. I was trying to work out who to attribute that old quote (paraphrased) “It took me ten years to be an overnight success”. I couldn’t do … Continue reading

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What I Wrote on my Summer Holidays

Oh, is it February already? It’s not easy, that hard smack of reality after a long pleasant dream. By which I mean, I just finished a long holiday visiting family and friends, and now I’ve returned to work. Ugh. Travelling … Continue reading

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