Story – A Fire Across the World in On Spec 108

“A Fire Across the World”  is my short story of Great Game-era spies, mad scientists and supernatural reincarnation, now available in On Spec 108 (Volume 29, Issue 1), the Canadian magazine of the fantastic.

On Spec 108 (July 2018)

This is probably most most-edited story ever, having been completely rewritten after a detailed critique by Rob Porteous, developmentally edited by Darren Goossens, and finally tighetened again by On Spec editor A.J. Wells.

It’s also action-packed and conceptually bonkers, though to say why would be a spoiler. It was fun to write, though.

The issue will be sold digitally through Weightless Books (the current issue isn’t up yet at the time of writing this post but it should be soon) or you can subscribe for physical copies directly from the On Spec website.

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  1. Darren says:


    It seems a long time ago.

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