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Dismantling the barriers

It’s been quiet here since I closed up shop on Friday Flash Fiction. I’m not going to go into details here, but I’ve been unwell for some time. Writing, along with almost everything else, was a constant and increasingly unmanageable … Continue reading

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Temporarily elsewhere

In a few hours I’m catching a plane to some far-flung corner of the earth. Or maybe not that far-flung, but I will cross more time zones and lines of latitude than I’m used to. I know there are people … Continue reading

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What I Wrote on my Summer Holidays

Oh, is it February already? It’s not easy, that hard smack of reality after a long pleasant dream. By which I mean, I just finished a long holiday visiting family and friends, and now I’ve returned to work. Ugh. Travelling … Continue reading

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My eyes are going. Oh, not in any immediately alarming sense. I’m not talking diseases or growths or rapid degenerative conditions. They’re just getting on a bit, and the strain is starting to tell. Reading is getting to be hard … Continue reading

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