We all know that you can’t be considered a real writer unless you have a cute pet, and a willingness to share pictures of said cute pet on social media. All right then. Never let it be said I’m above pandering to an audience. This is Burger.

Dog. Fluffy white border collie - poodle cross

Or at least, this is what he looked like when we got him in October 2020. He’s bigger and fluffier now.

For anyone who needs to know, he’s a bordoodle. No, I hadn’t heard of them either. He’s a border collie – poodle cross, although in his case there’s also some maltese terrier in the mix.

Burger is fluffy and energetic, and has very – very – hard teeth. He’s curious, cheerful, and thrilled to meet new people and new dogs. He’s also an absolute ratbag: digging holes, stealing socks, chewing furniture, and barking at invisible visitors when we don’t pay him sufficient attention.

We’re getting pretty desperate to get him into a behaviour training class before he finds out he can chew through electric cables.

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  1. Georgina says:

    Burger is adorable. Sounds like he needs ‘writer’s dog behaviour training class’ so that he a) stops eating your fingers, and b) lies quietly at your feet when the muse visits.
    I’ve never heard of a bordoodle either!

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