Our latest bulletin

I have another subscriber-only newsletter coming out at the end of the week. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to make a big deal of this every single time I throw together a ‘zine on the Virtual Gestetner [1].

Like this but less smudgy

However I did want to make the point that I have decided to start including an ongoing adventure series, tentatively entitled Orphans’ Moon, in each issue starting from April 2016.

So for the low, low price of an unobtrusive incursion into your email inbox every month or so, you could read my just-for-fun teenagers-in-peril adventure serial.

If you find that at all enticing, here’s that subscription form again:

[1] I just want to point out that I am old enough to remember the days of hand-cranked drum duplicators that smelled so strongly of methylated spirits that you could get high off your maths homework. You kids these days don’t know what you’re missing with your 3D printers and quantum replicators and Hex-a-Sketches.

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  1. Not a Real Clam but I am a Real Dr says:

    *waits eagerly* 😀

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