At the Edge – Now Kickstarting

In what is proving an embarrassment of riches, I have another story coming out shortly.

‘Seven Excerpts from Season One’ will appear in the New Zealand-based anthology At the Edge, edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts. The anthology features short stories from 22 New Zealand and Australian authors, as well as a charming introduction by the marvelous Angela Slatter.

The publishers, Paper Road Press, are currently running a Kickstarter to cover preorders and hopefully extend the print run of the anthology. If you have an interest in science fiction, fantasy and horror writing from the North, South and West Islands, I know they’d appreciate your support. (And just look at that cover art by Emma Weakley – gorgeous colours)

The Kickstarter will run until 20 April and is the best way to preorder a copy before the book’s launch at Au Contraire 2016, the NZ national convention in Wellington (3-5 June 2016).

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