TMoRP Day 20 – The Women’s Ashes Series

The Women’s Ashes cricket series just wrapped up with a Twenty20 match at Manuka Oval here in Canberra. Even though the English team put together an unlikely win to draw the series, I’m still ecstatic I got to watch most of the series.

It’s been an excellent series, even if the Southern Stars did let themselves down with their fielding in the tonight’s final game. Beth Mooney’s 117 from 70 balls should have been enough to secure the win, but a terrific answering century from Danni Wyatt and a heartbreaking clutch of dropped catches let the England side back in.

Bummer, but at least Australia kept the Ashes in the event of a drawn series, so the Canberra losses weren’t a total disaster.

Personally the best part was that I got to take my seven year old daughter to watch her home team play. I don’t know if she’ll stick with cricket forever, but it’s nice to know there’s an elite level for her to aspire to if she wants it. And I’m never averse to an excuse to sit in the stands and listen for the crack of willow on leather…

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