TMoRP Day 15 – Cards Against Humanity Saves America

I’m not actually a huge fan of Cards Against Humanity, a card game that sort of mashes up Blankety Blanks with risque, politically incorrect subversion. I find its encouragement of transgressive humour all too often crosses the line into blatant and nasty bigotry, and I don’t particularly need that in my casual entertainment. This is not an endorsement of the game itself.

One of the tamer possible CAH scenarios

But I really, really like the people who make CAH. Their latest stunt is, at least on the surface, a masterpiece of punching up, trolling the Powers That Be with sublime resolve.

Cards Against Humanity Saves America is a fund-raising effort – now completely sold out after only two or three days – to buy up a piece of vacant land in the projected path of US President Trump’s Mexican border wall. They intend to use the money to hire “a law firm specialising in eminent domain to make it as expensive and time-consuming as possible” for the government to acquire the land from them.

I like inventive forms of protest, especially when they take an obnoxious attitude towards grotesque, unthinkingly malicious politicians. This one made me smile.

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