TMoRP Day 10 – Thor: Ragnarok

I finally saw Thor: Ragnarok last night.

Look, if you’re the sort of person that goes to loud, brash and laugh-out-loud funny action blockbusters, then you are already well aware of this film. No need for me to recommend it.

Except to say this: this film is fun. It has charming performances, a breezy and hilarious script, and the most gloriously over-the-top combination of colour palette, costume and set designs, and musical score imaginable. Everything about this movie screams “Glam!” at the top of its voice. It has a tone unlike every other Marvel movie, and thank goodness because those first two Thor pictures were a bit on the dreary side.

Big box-office superhero movies are spectacles intended to be watched again and again. To me, Thor: Ragnarok looked like a movie that deserves to be, if for no other reason than it made me very happy to watch it.

(Also – Clancy Brown as Surtur. Ooooh yes)

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