TMoRP – Sleeping

I am thoroughly cheating today, because it has been a long weekend (baking, school fete, kids birthday party) and I am tired.

But as a diagnosed apnoea sufferer, I can declare without reservation that a good night’s sleep is the best thing there is.

Gratuitous cute animal picture

Gratuitous cute animal picture

Especially after all the cake I’ve eaten.

I’m a night owl.  I tend to stay up too late, almost compulsively clinging to the serenity of a quiet house and the freedom to indulge in whatever unsuitable-for-other-family-members entertainments I like. In practice, it means I can keep up with a couple of TV shows I like, at the cost of waking up at six each morning grumpy and trashed – ready for a brand new day.

So tonight, I’m not. Sleep well, dear friends. Whether your preferred mode is to cuddle up with a book and herbal tea, or one last tipple of something fiery and relaxing, or, like me, by jamming in a couple of nose plug and pumping air down your half-collapsed trachea, I wish you the very best night’s sleep.

For tomorrow is Monday, alas.

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2 Responses to TMoRP – Sleeping

  1. ‘I’m a night owl. I tend to stay up too late, almost compulsively clinging to the serenity of a quiet house.’
    I can relate to this 100%, though I tend to stay up late trying to write and just end up messing around on social media or reading blogs/listening to podcasts. Those moments of silence, when everyone else is asleep, are gold!

    Also, I heartily endorse the gratuitous cute animals pictures 🙂

  2. Lexifab says:

    Most of my writing gets done after the kids have gone to bed, but the allure of messing about on social media and/or trying to watch TV shows is strong.

    I should probably give a shoutout to the source of my cute animal pictures as one of these positivity posts, what with all the stuff I get from there 🙂 [Adds item to list]

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