At the Edge Out Now

Paper Road Press’ anthology At the Edge, which contains my short story “Seven Excerpts from Season One” has launched at Au Contraire 3 in Wellington.


The ebook is available for purchase from Amazon and Kobo. If you are after the paperback and you are not currently residing in New Zealand, Amazon is probably your best bet.



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4 Responses to At the Edge Out Now

  1. Chris says:

    Story good. Finale was a little bit hard to follow. Have to read all the stories by your support bands before I can write a review of the volume. How is ‘Ashburnham’ pronounced, btw? : )

  2. Lexifab says:

    I did see that, thanks! I suppose I should call attention to it, what with getting name-checked at being an achievement I didn’t know I was chasing 🙂

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