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I now have an official Author Page at

It’s currently bare bones, with no more information than you would find on this site. I set it up primarily because the publisher of At the Edge asked the contributing authors to link their pages to the book ahead of its launch.

Any books I publish or contribute to in the future should end up linked to the site, and this blog will automatically reprint there.

None of the above is likely to affect you. But since we are talking tangentially about my contribution to At the Edge, a story called ‘Seven Excerpts from Season One’, I’ll just note that the book is available for preorder in paperback and Kindle from Amazon (and probably other online retailers). It will ship in a little less than two weeks from today.

If it encourages you to order a copy (hey, it might!), here’s a very brief extract from the story:

Excerpt from Episode Three: “Goat Sucker”

“Farmer Bryan Ponsford has over two hundred head of angora goats on his farm just north of Ashburnham. That is, he did until this happened.”

The camera pans away from Jan’s serious-journalist pout to Greg and Nathan standing ankle-deep in bloody carnage. Even in the middle-distance shot, Nathan’s discomfort is obvious, while Greg’s grin is broad and smug. “Jan, we estimate that as many as two dozen animals may have been slaughtered right here, but these bodies have been ripped apart so bad we just can’t be certain.”

Nathan’s clothes are damp from his fall into the creek earlier that morning. He is shivering, tapping both thumbs against the grip of his microphone and staring past Greg. He misses his cue. Greg elbows his sternum, setting off a coughing fit. He had to take a hit from his inhaler right after I stopped the camera. He gasps through his lines. “Uh. Over the years, farmers in the Halliken Valley area have contended with many predators worrying their livestock, from natural threats such as snakes, feral dogs and localised earth tremors to supernatural monstrosities such as werewolves, bunyips and UFOs. Though, of course, the existence of aliens has yet to be officially recognised.”

“There’s no such thing,” says Greg.

Nathan stands about a foot shorter than Greg. Every time Greg speaks, he flinches. “Um, well, there’s… with the damage we are seeing here, there’s no evidence of…”


“Um, well, of any of those things. I think we’re dealing with something else.”

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  1. Dr Clam says:

    Copy ordered! : )
    Went to order ‘Gateway’ immediately afterward but my Kindle could only find it in German. Doof bleibt doof, da hilfe keine Pillen…

  2. Lexifab says:


    (If you power on through to Gateway’s sequels, lemme know how they turned out)

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