Works in Progress

What I am currently working on:

Serial – Orphan’s Moon
A serialised adventure about teenaged orphans in a strange fantasy world, escaping a sinister prison warden and a terrifying, otherworldly threat.
(Current status: Released in short chapters every other month in my newsletter. It may very well never be seen in any other format, so subscribe now!)

Short story – Codename ‘Chrysanthemum’
A fantasy story I have been writing longhand since 2015, about a magistrate’s encounters with demonic bandits and monster hunters.
(Current status: Rewriting!)

Short story – Codename ‘Cultists’
A globetrotting urban fantasy about an apocalypse cult’s encounter with an idiosyncratic collector.
(Current status: In draft)

A Flash of Black Wings (The Fall of the Epoch Book 1)
Narma Reilly, a young medical trainee, is a third generation crew member of the starship Epoch, a colony ship nearing the end of its centuries-long voyage to a distant world called Eden. When disaster strikes, Narma and a small band of survivors must overcome alien predators, an authoritarian military leader and the strange secret at the heart of her lost home.

A Flash of Black Wings is a science fiction survival adventure. It is the first novel in a series. (Current status: Currently in rewrite-from-scratch hell. Astute readers will note that I have removed the overly optimistic “Due in 2016” label from this section)

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