Works in Progress

What I am currently working on:

Friday flash fiction
Every Friday morning I am posting a new story of one thousand words or less on the blog. You can get all the stories by clicking on this link.

Short story – Codename ‘Cultists’
A globetrotting urban fantasy about an apocalypse cult’s encounter with an idiosyncratic collector.
(Current status: In draft)

Short story – Codename ‘Space Scouts’
Light-hearted space opera where the away team always includes both a first contact specialist and a legal expert.

Serial – Orphan’s Moon
A serialised adventure about teenaged orphans in a strange fantasy world, escaping a sinister prison warden and a terrifying, otherworldly threat.
(Current status: Released in short chapters every other month in my newsletter. It may very well never be seen in any other format, so subscribe now!)


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