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David Versace writes fantasy and science fiction in Canberra, Australia. His publication history is here. His story “The Lighthouse at Cape Defeat” was a finalist for Best Fantasy Short Story in the 2016 Aurealis Awards, and he is currently a finalist in two categories – Fantasy Short Story and Fantasy Novella – in the 2018 Aurealis Awards.

He is a member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild. He is a voracious consumer of speculative fiction, comics and wine, and plays the bass guitar and too many video games. He has written almost 100 weekly flash fiction stories and is working on a novel with a dragon in it.

He has worked in the Australia Public Service for over 20 years and dreams of someday making a career of it. Until then, he remains focused on the sexy invisible lifeblood of well-regulated government: corporate governance, risk management and business continuity.

He lives with his wife Fiona and their two children. They tolerate his interests with patient good humour.

Pronunciation: vur – SAH – chee
Email: author at davidversace dot com (or use the Contact form)
Twitter: @_Lexifab
Facebook: @DavidVersaceAuthor
Amazon: David Versace Author Page

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