No Rest for the Travelling Writer

Travel advisory: I’m leaving on a month-long overseas holiday today. Hooray!

Are you worried [1] this might mean no Friday flash fiction? Take it easy, bud. I’ve got your back.

I have fresh stories racked in the chamber and ready to fire every Friday in June [2] at the usual time of 7:30 Friday morning AEST. Just click on the Home page or jump across to Friday flash fiction to catch up on any you may have missed.

If you are on Facebook, you can also follow my author page, where I cross-post links to the stories every Friday, or if your exclusivity streak compels you to run with an option literally nobody else uses, you can always follow my Amazon Author page.

See you in July!


1: I know you’re not worried. And that you would prefer me to not refer to you as “bud”. Sorry.

2: Before any firearms enthusiasts @ me about this metaphor, I am aware this is not how loading mechanisms work. Just imagine a quintuple-barrelled cannon if it helps you rest at night.

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