TMoRP Day…Uh, 30?

It’s the end of November, ostensibly my month of relentless positivity, and it’s pretty obvious now that I’m not going to make it to thirty full entries. I’m more than a week behind and…well, I just don’t have anything left.

It’s not that I’ve been crushed under the unremittingly grimness of November 2017. I mean, it mostly hasn’t been great, news-wise, but on the other hand it doesn’t stand out as one of the worst months of this, the world-is-burningest of years.

But between a busy day job and an unsustainable number of personal projects, I haven’t had a lot of time to slow down and look for the beauty in the world. Every time I try, someone I thought was admirable turns out to suck, or an institution I value appears to be on fire. Mostly of late, I have not been well-rewarded for indulging my curiosity.

There’s plenty in my life to be grateful for and be happy about – family, friends and stuff – but nothing especially needing a plug. What this month has reminded me is to take stock of the good, cut out as much of the bad as possible, and keep going.

Her’s a song to take us all into November, courtesy of the Mountain Goats.

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