TMoRP Day 21 – The Men’s Ashes Series

Look, my daily blogging project is days behind and I admit this is a total cheat. But I do rather love Test cricket.

Its exquisite tedium is made all the richer and more piquant by the complaints of non-fans, those who do not appreciate that their moaning refrain – that nothing happens for five days at a stretch, resulting in a draw – is like a crisp summer wine to those of us who can stay away during the session before tea on day three, when everyone is exhausted and nobody has scored a run since Tuesday. Oh, certainly, accidents do happen – under such arduous circumstances, the concentration may wander, the blood may warm and steadfast blocking may accidentally give way to the odd adventurous swipe at a loose long hop. The scorers may be forced to stir in their darkened caves and adjust one number for another from time to time. But rest assured all will soon settle again into the warm and numbing haze of a contest fought in the mind and the commentary box as much as atop a flat track amidst an amiably green paddock.

Also I see Glenn Maxwell got his double-ton in the Shield match today, just when it counts for naught. So all is well in the state of the game.

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