A word about Fridays

Starting this week, I am going to post a short-short story here every Friday morning.

Have a read of this

This is a mental health measure. I get too many ideas I’m convinced should be turned into stories. When I don’t do anything with them, they gnaw at me and demand the attention I should be paying to something else. When I succumb and write them, they end up somewhere in the vicinity of ten thousand words (or forty to fifty pages in a book, probably more for an e-reader).

Frankly, I need to rebuild the habit of writing shorter works. I need to get some distracting little ideas out of my head. And I want to regularly reinforce my delusional view that writing can be fun. Plus I really can’t overlook the satisfying dopamine hit that comes with finishing something.

So once a week, for the foreseeable future (which is to say, when I either get a pressing deadline or I get the urge out of my system), I will post a new very short story – less than five hundred words, probably – up here.

They will probably be safe for work. Other than that, who can say? I won’t know what the story will be until it wakes me up at three in the morning and demands to be written.

If this is your first time here, welcome. I have a newsletter that comes out every six *cough* eight weeks or so. It includes announcements, sneak peaks of what I’m working on, a free adventure fiction serial, and the ever-looming threat of a comic strip or song lyrics. If you liked this, you might like that too, in which case you can sign up here:


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