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Just a quick reminder to anyone not already signed up to my newsletter that I include free fiction with every issue.

(Episode? Item? Whatever.)

The next newsletter will go out in the next day or so. To entice new readers, I enclose the following exciting clue as to the subject of this month’s story:

Gratuitous clickbait image

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2 Responses to New story exclusive!

  1. Love the gratuitous clickbait image. I’m on board with anything dino.
    Saw your post about ‘life stuff’ and the power of schedules/lists. I make many lists, because they make me feel as if I’m in control and calm me down. Then I ignore them, because doing what’s on the lists would be both predictable and prescriptive, don’t you think? [rolls eyes at self]
    I’m heading away on a writer’s retreat next weekend, so for a few days there will be no ‘life stuff’ whatsoever. Just me, a keyboard, a mountain view and the odd workshop with people who don’t let ‘life stuff’ get in the way of a good story.

  2. Lexifab says:

    Weeeellllll, I will admit I don’t always tick *everything* off the checklists. Some things hang around on list after list (which both increases the guilt factor and makes it less likely that this will be the week I finally get to it).

    I am super-jealous of your writing retreat. I haven’t been to one in ages. They are great fun and much more productive than the average weekend!

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