When the waveform collapses

Tonight, at a Swancon event in Perth, the Aurealis Awards winners will be announced. By 10 pm local time (or so), I’ll know if I’m an award-winning short story writer or – far more likely – someone who gets to add “Aurealis Award finalist” to his submissions cover letter for the foreseeable future.

Still a potential winner at the time of writing

I will spend the evening in the company of a cadre of lovely Canberra writers, several of whom are also up for awards. There will be conviviality and cheer, the odd spot of drink, and fervid checking of Twitter for the latest updates from across the Big Dry.

If you’d care to join us, the official Twitter hashtag is #AurealisAwards. The unofficial one will be #fauxcon. I don’t know what shenanigans to expect, but I feel confident a language warning is called for.

Good luck to everyone.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter as soon as possible after the results are announced,
because it’s not as much fun to celebrate/commiserate alone.
If you want to get it, along with a great chunk of exciting adventure
fiction and some upcoming publishing news, sign up here:


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