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(Just a short one today because I’ve spent all day baking for a school fete and because the internet has already eaten this post twice)

Twitter, as a social communication tool, has its good points and bad ones (to say the least). But as a medium for short form humour, it’s a godsend. There’s just something about the 140-character limit that imposes a discipline of brevity on its finest exponents of humour.

We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates) is a delightful account that does exactly what it says on the tin – people send in photos of their canine companions to get a rating out of ten.


What works so wonderfully about this account is the pitch-perfect combination of joyful internet-fawning for cute animal pictures with glorious sense of the absurd wrapped in a shell of sly naivety.

wrd-kennethAt the risk of explaining jokes, I will just say that it’s absolutely worth following @dog_rates just for the doggo pics and the reincorporation of old jokes (Kenneth’s saga is just wonderful).

But while you come for the puppers, you’ll stay for disgruntled rivalries with goats, a guy named Brent, and fans who can’t seem to follow simple rules:

wrd-chipmunk(Also the scoring system, which is funny af)

It’s worth joining Twitter to follow We Rate Dogs alone. In fact don’t follow anything else. Just We Rate Dogs and possibly also me (@_Lexifab) – but I can’t promise to be anywhere near as funny or h*ckin’ inspirational, so maybe just go with the dogs.

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  1. Followed. Can’t beat a good dog pic. The dog shaming pics circulating on Facebook make me laugh out loud. Not sure if my pooch would be up for a We Rate Dogs challenge, I’ll have to give it a go!

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