Research rabbit holes

My CSFG compatriot and good friend Leife Shallcross is hosting a series of authors in a discussion on research for writers. My entry, which due to my woeful and haphazard approach to research rather undermines the premise of the discussion, appears at Leife’s blog today.

Leife says:
Research Rabbit Holes can be fabulously inspirational, or horribly time wasting. They can take you in directions that are wildly irrelevant to your story, or can help you add layers of authenticity and meaning to your work. In this series of blog posts I’m sharing some of my favourite journeys down these Research Rabbit Holes, and I’ve also asked some other writers about their experiences falling into these diabolical black holes of eternal fascination.

I heartily recommend the rest of the essays, which contain much more useful answers than mine.

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