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Friday flash fiction – Out of Context

I think they closed down the poetry servers last night. That must be what happened, because this morning nobody understands how metaphors work. We all remember using them, but now we’re not sure what they were for. Ish is pissed … Continue reading

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Upcoming publication – On Spec Magazine

I am very pleased to announce that my short story “A Fire Across the World” will be published in an upcoming issue of On Spec, the Canadian magazine of the fantastic. This is just a short note to mark the … Continue reading

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Friday flash fiction – Conflagration at Confrontation Bridge (A Conservatorio Esoterica story)

Custodian Quech bit off a fat chew of sombol gum while Blaph, her eight-limbed deputy, dragged bodies from the canal beneath Confrontation Bridge. The witness continued his breathless narrative. “My friends and I were drinking swallowsap and reciting bluster-follies at … Continue reading

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Friday flash fiction – Plastic Reclamation

Oh, good, you’re alive. Thought I’d lost you there for a moment. Well, not really, I’m monitoring your condition down to the cellular level. You were never in any real danger once you drifted into my operational zone. Still that … Continue reading

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Australian SFF – The Never Never Book Box

Here’s something new on the Australian SFF scene: The Never Never Book Box, a loot box for books. If you’re familiar with the concept of Loot Crate, which supplies its subscribers with a regular dose of geek pop culture stuff/junk, … Continue reading

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